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Parallel Lines


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People with disabilities should be part of filmmaking, London panel says

2024 | Youth Journalism International

London Panel.jpeg

Disabled and Proud: Abbie Hills and Brooke Millhouse

2024 | Spotify


Acting, Agenting and Disability

2023 | Spotify

Dazey Hills Logo.jpg

The Adult Cerebral Palsy Movement

2023 | UP CP Movement

Adult CP_edited.png

Celebrating Wins | D&C Film


Abbie Hills Headshot

Try Not To Stare Podcast

2022 | Spotify 

Abbie Hills by Scott Chalmers

The Weekly Interview- Abbie Hills 

Passionpiece | 2021 | Inspiring Enterprise

Abbie Hills Modelling

Episode #3 The Werking Women  Podcast

Kirsty Nunn | June 2020 | The Working Women  Podcast

Abbie Hills Werking Women Podcast

Running A Business With Cerebral Palsy

Disabled Living Magazine | 2020

Dazey Hills Company Logo.jpg


Abbie Hills | Diegesis Magazine | 2017


Rising Star Awards: What happened next for Abbie Hills

2024 | We Are The City


How To Be My Ally: Channel 4

2024 | Youtube

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 16.42.51.png

Demystifying Talent Agents with Abbie Hills

2023 | Spotify

Abbie Hills by Scott Chalmers.jpg

Childless By Choice

2022 | The Daily Mail

mail online.png

Scammers impersonated talent agency 

2022 | BBC

bbc news Abbie Hills.png

Southampton Student With Cerebral Palsy Wins National Award

Abbie Hills at the NDA Awards

Participant Stories - Abbie Hills 

Donna Peberdy | 2020 | Inspiring Enterprise

Abbie Hills and Ryan Francis- Hume

Interview With Abbie Hills - Trash Arts

Trash Arts | March 2020 | 

Abbie Hills Trash Arts Interview

Neon Music - Various Articles

Abbie Hills | 2018  | Neon Music

Dazey Hills Logo.jpg

Make Some Noise - Short Read

Abbie Hills | Diegesis Magazine | 2017

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